Ramapo Valley County Reservation Engagement {Caryn + Tim}

As I was driving to Ramapo, the clouds were closing in and the rain started dropping...I thought for sure I was going to get a call any minute from Caryn and Tim asking if they could reschedule! Little did I know they were totally down for a rainy day engagement session...woohoo lets do it! Even though it was raining, mother nature created the most beautiful serene atmosphere for us with just the right amount of mist. It felt like we were in a movie! Caryn and Tim are so in love and so happy together that nothing bothered them! I mean, running through a muddy field in heels, can Caryn get a major high five!!! I cannot wait to continue to capture their love next August at the beautiful Indian Trail Club!

I have been DYING to photograph an engagement session at Ramapo. We go hiking there all the time as a family, its our special little happy place :) Lexi our pup loves swimming in the lake and Parker man just takes in all the nature. It's our little escape from city life.. but OK enough about me! Their love story is below!

How did you meet?

We first met each other when we were teenagers (14 and 16) in 2003 while volunteering at a summer sleep away camp for children with special needs. We went back to camp each summer and were friends, but our friendship would only last that one week each year. We continued to volunteer every year, but after college both ended up taking a few summers off from volunteering. In 2016, we individually felt a need to go back and volunteer, Tim as a cook, and Caryn running the kitchen staff. That week, spending hours in the kitchen together, we became best friends. By the last day of camp, we realized that we didn’t want to wait till the next year’s camp session to see each other again. Not long after, we met up for our first date, and haven’t looked back.

How did Tim propose?

At the place we had our first date, Bischoff’s Ice Cream in Teaneck. It was a lazy rainy Sunday and Tim said he had a hankering for ice cream (and my answer to ice cream is always YES). With me, in no makeup and a sweatshirt, and Tim in an Iron Maiden T-shirt, we went and got our favorite ice cream sundaes (where the homemade whipped cream is as thick as the ice cream - if you haven't gone, you must!). As we were eating, I got distracted by someone walking in the store and when I turned back around Tim’s eyes motioned to the table where there was a box. I don't even think I opened the box before I jumped to his side of the booth and we hugged; and cried and laughed (and then said yes!) After the whole thing ended, not a single waitress/waiter or patron in the shop knew what had just happened. It was just how we both wanted it, just us and our bowls of ice cream!

What is the most important thing you're looking forward to about getting married?

We are excited to get married and not plan the wedding anymore :) Also, I'm excited to get his cool last name.

What do you love most about each other?

We are best buds! Our relationship started with a solid friendship and this has continued to grow even more every day that we are together. We find that the small things, like surprising the other by picking up their favorite treat for no specific reason at all, is most meaningful.


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