Cross Estate Gardens Engagement {Carissa + Josh}

Nothing like college sweethearts! Josh and Carissa met at West Virginia University where they both attended college. Josh's roommate, Nick, told him he met a couple of good looking girls in the laundry room that he made plans for them all to hang out. Nick would later introduce Josh to Carissa. When Josh came up to Carissa's room she greeted him with "What's your last name so I can add you on Facebook?"

Having lived in the same dorm only one floor apart Josh and Carissa spent a lot of their time together. Tailgates and football games were one of their favorite memories. Looking back, in that moment Carissa never realized that question she asked Josh was a lot more meaningful than she had thought. On April 26th 2019 it will become HERS and I can't wait to be there to see them say I DO.

Wild story - Carissa's senior year of high school was filled with college visits, one being to Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. On their way back to New Jersey the car broke down in Milford, CT which is Josh's hometown. While the car got towed and serviced Carissa and her friend, Casey, killed time in a near by CVS that later come to find Josh used to work at!! Knowing their paths have crossed before officially meeting reassures that they are exactly where they're supposed to be.

It was a Monday night in December and Carissa was at Josh's apartment. Carissa cooked dinner but unlike every other night Josh did not get up and start cleaning the dishes when their meals were done. Carissa found it weird but thought nothing of it since his Bengals were on so she got up to clean the dishes herself. Josh eventually came in to help dry but since Carissa was done cleaning she went back to watching TV, where Josh followed. Carissa questioned why he was following her into the TV room instead of finishing the drying! He said he wanted to watch his bengals but in reality he did not want to miss the expression on Carissa's face when a diamond under the Christmas Tree caught the corner of her eye. Carissa swears her jaw touched the ground. Josh walked over to the Christmas Tree and picked up the diamond and got down on one knee.

They cannot wait to get back to WVU for a football game as a married couple as its something very important and exciting for them! They also cannot wait to travel together, start a family, and create memories!

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