Point Pleasant Jersey Shore Engagement {Alicia + Lenny}

Full on summer fun engagement right here! I first met Alicia and Lenny way back this winter to talk about their wedding coming up in 2018 at the insanely gorgeous Park Chateau. We chatted over some prosecco (yes please - I miss you) about mutual college friends, and of course the Jets. My dad was a Jets fan so growing up so I naturally cheered on the green but unfortunately this season I think we might be in for a doozy (sorry guys)!

Lenny from day one aways wanted to do their engagement shoot at the jersey shore specifically at the Tiki Bar, a long time favorite! Alicia was all about it too as long as she can plan the wedding :) Our day was fun filled with frozen drinks, boardwalk games and ice cream. Their super adorable son, Harris even made a debut!

I'm so incredibly excited to photograph their wedding next April!! Their story is below!

How did you meet?

Match.com. We can't remember who winked at who first. We had a lot in common. Lenny was from Edison & I used to live in Edison. We went on our first date at MJ's Buttonwood. After the date, we both agreed to meet up again for a second date...at Tiki Bar lol.

How did he propose?

He took me back to MJ's, where we went on our first date. He had my sister get there early & help him set up & get our same table & decorate it with flowers, signs, etc. He took me over to the waterfall. I was so confused & was like huh, why am I looking at this. I was hungry & just wanted to eat lol. Then he popped the question! I was so stunned & startled & it took me awhile to process what was going on. He invited our families & our friends to join us later on to celebrate.

What is the most important thing you are looking forward to about getting married?

Putting an official title on our love for one another & being able to raise our son Harris together as a married couple. For the 3 of us to officially be the "Thor family" along with our dog Teddy & any other future children we may have together.

What do you love most about each other?

How we can be ourselves & be silly together. We love to have fun & laugh.

Describe your perfect night...

We love going to the beach, especially Tiki Bar. Hanging out. Talking. Eating. Drinking. We also like going back to MJ's. We are planning on going there on our 2nd anniversary of our first date (8/12) & bringing Harris along to show him where his mommy & daddy met & got engaged.

What are some fun facts about you as a couple?

We are known as "The Boo's". Lenny started calling me his boo & it kind of took off from there. When we go on vacation, it's called a "boocation". When we go out to have fun, it's called a "booventure". Harris was known as Baby Boo until he was born & given an actual name lol.


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