The Shelley Family {Fall Family Lifestyle} Hoboken, NJ

I met this amazing family about 6 months ago when Kai was born, we did a Newborn Lifestyle Session (which I still have to blog!!) and it was so much fun.

Maya was loosing a tooth so in order to move the process along so the tooth fairy could come quicker, we had her bite into an apple...that tooth was a tricky one and didn't want to come out! Both kids were so in love with their new baby bother and were soooo helpful with the shoot.

I felt so lucky to have worked with the Shelley's again. I couldn't believe how much Kai had grown! They didn't let me down this time either, we were playing monsters, tag and they just wanted to be silly so thats exactly what we did, be silly... we got a few family pics in too :)

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