Laura + Anthony {Surprise Proposal} Central Park, NY

I love, love, love being the secret photographer snapping away when a girl gets proposed to. The excitement is contagious! This proposal happened back in the think of summer but thought it was a good time to post as it gets colder and colder!

Anthony reached out to me weeks in advance as he carefully planned how he was going to propose to the love of his life. He had a general idea of how it was going to go down but being from south Florida he needed a little guidance :) Going to Central Park for the first time can be intimidating in itself, proposing at the same time? Whoo talk about stress! So glad I was able to help him execute his plan flawlessly!

As with most of the summer here in NY, it was like a million degrees! As I hung out in the shade anxiously awaiting their arrival, I was able to take 5 minutes of “me” time and just take in all the NY-ness around me...a family enjoying the morning, so many photographers photographing engagements and babies. The local musician serenading park go-ers on the sax. We're so on-the-go all the time it was nice to take it all in. OK, so back to the proposal...

Anthony secretly texted me a picture of them that morning so I knew what they looked like so I was looking around for them. Boom, showtime! She said YES!

I gave them a few moments to collect themselves and then introduced myself to Anthony (finally in person lol) and Laura. She was so happy, shocked and excited! We walked around Central Park for the next half hour did a mini-engagement session to celebrate their big day!!

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