Christina + John {Engaged}! Philadelphia, PA

Meeting Christina and John on this wintery January day in the beautiful of Philadelphia was such a blast! My assistant and I got to the city early so we grabbed a quick brunch at The Parc Restaurant which sits right on the outside of the super cute Rittenhouse Square. The food and service were just perfect!

When Christina and I spoke a few months ago regarding their big day, I instantly fell in love with their story and you will too! The plan for their engagement shoot was to hit all of the locations that meant something to them as a couple, yes please!

We started the shoot on their old block (which looks like something out of a story book) with super cute colorful houses. We then made our way over to the waterfront where they would take sunset walks with their little pup George. Next up was Rittenhouse Square where Christina and John would spend endless nights drinking wine and just enjoying each others company.

These two love birds will be married next November at the insanely gorgeous rustic Friedman Farms in PA. I cannot wait for their big day! Check out their story below :)

Where did you and John meet?

We actually grew up in the same small town in northern NJ. We played on the same soccer team (my dad was even the coach!), and believe it or not...John was my second ever crush :) We lost touch through the years, but then met back up when we literally moved 2 blocks from each other in Philadelphia. We met for afternoon drinks on a random Saturday...and basically have been together ever since <3

How did he propose?

John really put thought into the little details with his proposal. It was private-- one night in our backyard, doing what we love to do...drink wine, cook lamb and sit by the fire. He brought out a little gift, which turned out to be matching aprons with the names "Mr. Stout" and Mrs. Stout." He got on one knee and gave me the most gorgeous, ornate ring, which he designed himself from the bottom up. My favorite music was playing in the background, I cried and of course said Yes! And then to top it off, he brought out a bottle of the same champagne my parents had at their wedding (I still have their unopened bottle). That specific champagne had been discontinued, and my parents are unfortunately both the time he put into curating this bottle, and the immense thought that went into my, did I just feel like the luckiest girl!

What’s the most important thing you’re looking forward to about getting married?

Having a partner for life. Just knowing This. Is. It. Us together, forever. It's such a romantic, lovely feeling, and also a feeling of security and comfort.

What do you love most about each other?

Christina: His heart, the way he loves his family and friends (and me of course!). And also, his brain--He is one smart cookie! Always inspiring me to be my best self, and loving me even when I am far from it :)

John: More than anything, I love how caring and thoughtful she is. She is always thinking about how others are feeling. And she has the most beautiful face--a natural beauty that will last forever.

Can't wait for your big day Christina and John!


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