Paul + Debbie {Engaged}! Central Park, NY

I truly believe we don't meet people by accident, and that they are meant to cross our paths for a reason. Sometimes its the right time, sometimes its not and sometimes the universe comes together and puts two people together just where they need to be :)

That is exactly what happened with Paul and Debbie. They had met 10 years back at a mutual friends wedding, they even walked down the aisle together to support their friends on their big day. Little did they know, that they too in fact would be walking down an aisle again together some day. However, as fate had it, it wasn't quite their time yet, they left the wedding and went their separate ways. A few years later, Paul and Debbie were brought together again at a party (held by the same mutual friends), they hit it off, Paul asked Debbie to dinner and the rest was history!

Paul is a long time friend, and old boss, and was a mentor to me throughout my advertising career. I couldn't have been more honored to have captured this special time for him and his new soon to be wife! When Paul reached out to me and told me his plans...that included their adorable dog, Jax, I was so excited! Paul decided he wanted to propose in Central Park.

It was a gorgeous fall day for a proposal :) I waited for them at our secret meeting spot. The plan was for Paul to walk their pup, Jax, and then when they came back Jax would be all tied up with the ring ready to go and that is exactly how it happened! She said yes :)

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