Courtney + Camilo {Married} Insignia | Smithtown, New York

Courtney and Camilo's wedding was celebrated at the super chic Insignia restaurant in Smithtown, New York. They first saw each other on the restaurant grounds. Camilio and Courtney's reaction was priceless. They are super cute together and just had so many laughs and happy tears. We then took advantage of the beautiful venue taking pictures outside, on the patio and...the wine room (yes please). The decor is to die for! It makes for the perfect alternative to a catering hall. Everybody was so happy and overcome with joy, it was the perfect day!

Oh did I mention they ended the night with a surprise for their guests...a private Mr. Softee truck. I'm pretty convinced there is no better way to end a wedding and a day of shooting with a huge soft serve cone with sprinkles :)

Congrats again to the newlyweds!


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