The Ramsden Family {Fall Family Lifestyle} Glen Rock Arboretum | Glen Rock, NJ

Is Evan just the cutest in his little outfit!? Another awesome family I was able to work with this fall, so lucky to have met such wonderful fun families! We lucked out with another beautiful weekend, a bit chilly but nothing stopped us from having some fun in the leaves :) Evan had so much personality and he absolutely loved to be on the move, bounce around and fly. Glen Rock Arboretum was the perfect park to take family pictures, would definitely recommend for future shoots! The rocking horse in the shoot was handmade by Elena's dad for her when she was little. How special to have it for her son, he loved it!

The Levy Family {Fall Family Lifestyle} Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken families are the sweetest and so much fun. It was a beautiful warm fall day on the Hoboken waterfront. The best part though? I love love love photographing families time and time again. I met the Levy's last year and was honored to work with them again! It is so crazy how much kids grow in one year! I couldn't get over how much Jake as grown! Our day was pack filled with playing on the swings, pokemon finding, tag, pretending to be dinosaurs and rock throwing just like we did last year :) Loving fall sessions!

The Shelley Family {Fall Family Lifestyle} Hoboken, NJ

I met this amazing family about 6 months ago when Kai was born, we did a Newborn Lifestyle Session (which I still have to blog!!) and it was so much fun. Maya was loosing a tooth so in order to move the process along so the tooth fairy could come quicker, we had her bite into an apple...that tooth was a tricky one and didn't want to come out! Both kids were so in love with their new baby bother and were soooo helpful with the shoot. I felt so lucky to have worked with the Shelley's again. I couldn't believe how much Kai had grown! They didn't let me down this time either, we were playing monsters, tag and they just wanted to be silly so thats exactly what we did, be silly... we got a few fam

The Shea Family {Fall Family Lifestyle} Central Park, NY

When it comes to fall family lifestyle sessions, anything goes! And by anything I mean... a dancing, leave throwing, pretzel eating, good time! I absolutely love being able to photograph multiple family sessions within the same family! I met Alison last year (see the shoot here) towards the end of the season and we had a blast throwing all the dead leaves around and skipping rocks in Hoboken. This year I got to meet her sister and her family too! We went to central park and just totally took in everything it had to offer. Emma was a bit shy of the camera at first but it was nothing a NYC hot pretzel couldn’t handle! After that, it was smooth sailing with a two separate dance parties, leave

Preethi and Kathir + 1 {Maternity Session} Liberty State Park, New Jersey

This session was a gift to Preethi and Kathir by a long time friend of Kathir's. Such a sweet present! They were just the sweetest couple and were so excited to talk about their baby girl! Liberty State Park in Jersey City is such a beautiful location with the city skyline, the fields and the view of miss liberty herself. I wish Preethi and Kathir all the best as they bring their new baby girl into the world!

The Sutter Family {Fall Family Lifestyle} Central Park, NY

I love this time of year getting to hang with so many families hanging around in this gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having! The light was just perfect :) Bethesda Fountain in Central Park is just a gorgeous location. There are so many incredible spots to take pictures. I could spend a whole week there and never get bored. Our shoot was so much fun, what a good little guy! Winston the pup made his photoshoot debut too!

Briana + Drew {Engaged}! Untermyer Park, NY

Bri woke up thinking she was going on another hike, something her and Drew do quite often. Little did she know what was about to happen that day.. Drew had been planning the proposal for weeks. Being an avid hunter he knew just what he was going to do. His best friend was in on it too! This is how it went down.... Drew and Bri were hiking along until they came to some "random" deer antlers that had been on the ground (not random at all lol). Bri went over to check it out and something was just a tad bit different about these. There was a sparkly diamond ring shining off of them! Before she knew it Drew was proposing and she said YES! I didn't know them then, but am so grateful our paths have

The Pruslow Family {Fall Family Lifestyle} Kings Park Bluffs, NY

Family lifestyle sessions aren't just for families with little ones, they are for everyone! Michael is a long time friend and I felt honored when he asked me to photograph his family! It was such a beautiful day on the north shore of Long Island in Kings Park. They were such a fun family and I loved getting to know them! Mike and I may have also snuck in a mini photoshoot of just him :)

Jackie turns one! {First Birthday Event} | Panello | Hoboken, NJ

Panello is another one of my favorite places to shoot events. They do such a fantastic job! I mean who doesn’t love making personalized pizza!? I could legit eat pizza every night of my life and be 100% OK with that :) It’s not very often that I get to photograph someone with the same name is me, that was kind of fun :) We started our day at Pier A in Hoboken taking some family photos with the skyline in the background. We then quickly made our way over to their new empty apartment (with floor to ceiling windows I might add) to take some pictures...Ah-mazing! Before we knew it it was party time and miss Jackie made her grand entrance! The party was super fun filled and she had a blast! Jacki

I'm Jackie and I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I am located in New Jersey but will travel anywhere an opportunity takes me! Thanks for stopping by!

Photo Cred: Alastair Arthur

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