The Kemper's {Family Fall Lifestyle} Hoboken, NJ

This fall weather has all of us tricked! It turned real cold real quick and then heated up back to July weather for a week! The foliage has JUST started to change in late October. Everyone has been looking for it but it's been hiding! Even nature is begging for the nice weather to stay :) Uptown Hoboken is still one of my favorite spots to take families. The views are incredible! Had so much fun with this cute family!

Miranda + Bradley {Married} Private Home | Clinton, NJ

Maybe it's the way they love their fur-babies or maybe it's the true love that you can just feel from being with them, but I knew from the second we had our initial video chat call that Miranda and Brad were two very special people! When they started describing their wedding vision to me, I was so excited! Private home, farm, dogs, rustic....yes please! From their engagement session, to their wedding and everything in between, I feel so lucky to have gotten to know them, their super cute doggies and their amazing friends and family. Speaking of dogs, Miranda and Brad met while walking their dogs while they both lived down in Florida. I'm a huge believer in fate and it seems like they were me

The Marksberry Family {Family Fall Lifestyle} | Frank Melville Memorial Park | Setauket, NY

I was so ecstatic when I got the good news that I got to photograph these cuties again! It's crazy how much we change in a year! Looking back at the pictures from last year that I took of the kids, they have grown so much! If I haven't already mentioned it 87038 times, I love this job and documenting life!! We had such a good experience running around Frank Melville Memorial Park in Setauket last year, we thought we'd do a repeat! Although, I think we might be cursed! Last year we almost got run over by a male deer right smack in the middle of our shoot and this year we got chased out by a park official...that's ok, we still got our session in! Troopers!

Welcome Kaila! {Newborn Lifestyle} Long Island

Kaila was such a little angel during our photoshoot! Her big sis Jaida loved showing us her amazing room and playing! Little Kaila's room was so beautifully decorated as if she was living on a cloud in the sky. Jaida's room was built for a princess living in a garden. We had such a blast!!

Warren Turns One! {Family Lifestyle} Little Falls, NJ

I photographed this little nugget before he was born, when he was a newborn and now he's already one!? I know we all know that time goes so fast but when you can measure it in family events its so much better :) Warren's birthday shoot was a baseball dream filled with custom baseballs, baseball balloons from Party City and Yankees vs. Mets mom and dad rivalry, Wonder which team he'll route for?? We finished a shoot with a cake smash. The custom baseball cake from Sweet & Flour in Secaucus was almost too perfect to smash but that didn't stop Warren, he got right in there! It must have been a delicious cake because he just kept going and going and going lol!! Happy first year of life Warren, c

Paul + Debbie {Engaged}! Central Park, NY

I truly believe we don't meet people by accident, and that they are meant to cross our paths for a reason. Sometimes its the right time, sometimes its not and sometimes the universe comes together and puts two people together just where they need to be :) That is exactly what happened with Paul and Debbie. They had met 10 years back at a mutual friends wedding, they even walked down the aisle together to support their friends on their big day. Little did they know, that they too in fact would be walking down an aisle again together some day. However, as fate had it, it wasn't quite their time yet, they left the wedding and went their separate ways. A few years later, Paul and Debbie were br

Published! Sparkling Sequin Accented Styled Shoot | Brooklyn, NY

I had the amazing privilege of working with Aida Krgin of The Westchester Wedding Planner on this gorgeous styled shoot that was rustic and glamorous all at the same time. Calling all urban brides, this is a must read if you are looking for something unique! Check it out hereon Borrowed and Blue! A few snippets below!

I'm Jackie and I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I am located in New Jersey but will travel anywhere an opportunity takes me! Thanks for stopping by!

Photo Cred: Alastair Arthur

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