I'm Jackie

I'm so glad you are here. I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer specializing in natural light photography. I am based out of New Jersey but will travel anywhere an opportunity takes me! 

My passion for photography stemmed from the idea of being able to freeze a moment in time, forever preserving an emotion or memory that would otherwise be forgotten. I was the girl who had a mini-mouse camera when I was little and would not dare leave my house in high school without my disposable camera! I would rush to the local store to develop all my pictures and it was like Christmas morning every time. In high school I took my first film class (I will totally age myself and say digital did not exist, ha) and it was there that I realized I had a serious passion for being able to capture the beauty in everyday life. That feeling has never left!


Life as it happens however spun me in a different direction after college and I developed a successful career in digital advertsing. After 10 years, I realized I not only wanted but needed to follow my heart. 


My approach to photography is light and fun. I make it a priority to stay true to each client’s personality while telling your story with my camera. My easygoing manner allows you to be comfortable and relaxed in every step of the process. I love the simple things in life that make it so precious and that’s why I feel so lucky to help capture these moments for you! 


When I am not photographing, you can find me trying out a new restaurant or recipe, exploring the local mom and pop Hoboken shops, catching up on all my guilty pleasure TV shows, hanging with my family and being just absolutely in love with my husband, Ryan, and 75 pound super snuggly yellow lab, Lexi.  We're also expecting our baby boy this October! 


My pup is famous! Yup, she has a "pupcake" named after her at the local bakery!


I love anything that has to do with food, wine and coffee. Period.


I truly believe I could work on a farm, having never worked or lived on one. 


Italy is my most favorite place I have traveled to.

Photo Cred: Alastair Arthur

Nikon D810 and Nikon D5100

24-70mm & 70-200mm zooms

35mm, 50mm 85mm primes

105mm macro lens


Battery & memory backup

Timeline & shotlist

Burts Bees Chapstick

Profoto lighting


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